Luxury Private Garage

Luxury Private garage : a selection of key pieces by Vielliard & Francheteau Architects

Spectacular spaces are the luxury of exceptional homes. If there's one Luxury Living Concept that architects Vielliard & Francheteau are particularly fond of designing, it's the private, designer garage for prestige car enthusiasts and collectors.

More than a modern, spacious garage, our interior architects conceive it as a magnificent exhibition space, to enable the owner to showcase one or more exceptional vehicles, or even to assemble a collection of remarkable, precious cars acquired over time.

Because such luxurious garages are rare and sought-after, our projects for high-end homes and residences incorporate them as a sure value, as a marker of exception.

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The luxury private garage: masterpiece of the contemporary villa by Vielliard & Francheteau architects

Our vision of the designer garage takes into account imperatives such as :

Security: Security for high-value vehicles is a top priority. Our projects incorporate advanced security systems, such as surveillance cameras, sophisticated alarm systems connected to a central monitoring station, reinforced garage doors, motion detectors and smoke sensors.

Personalized design and custom lighting: our interior designers create a personalized look by integrating high-quality materials, elegant finishes, and custom ambient or directional lighting to emphasize the cars’ aesthetic appeal. Layouts and visual effects showcase these objects of passion as if in a luxury brand showroom.


Comfort and convenience: some owners like to spend time in their private auto garage, whether to admire their cars, maintain them or share their passion with others. Spaces for relaxation and comfort can be provided, such as a side kitchen, lounge area or bar, depending on needs and preferences. The concept can be taken a step further by turning this private showroom into a space for automotive events, complete with giant screen.

Whenever the location of the plot allows, our design favors opening one side of the garage to the outside through bay windows, providing the comfort of natural light and privileged access to an outdoor space. A secure glazed garage door also brings in natural light, with one-way black glazing masking the view of the interior from the outside.


Cutting-edge technology and sustainable materials: In these top-of-the-range garages, our architectural firm plans home automation, climate control, audiovisual and data storage systems to facilitate the management of cars and collections, and enhance the overall experience. The materials used are durable, such as polished concrete floors, with integrated heating connected to an energy management system.

Work area: For some enthusiastic owners who may like to do their own maintenance and repairs, the garage can include a workshop equipped with professional tools and quality equipment, a workbench and a storage area for spare parts.


The luxury private garage is one of the key pieces of the spectacular “Luxury Living Concepts” spaces created by architects Vielliard & Francheteau. A French Art of Living dedicated to aesthetes and passionate personalities which also includes:


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