Luxury Private Wine Cellar

A selection of the best wine cellars by Vielliard & Francheteau Architects

The modern and stylish wine cellar has become an essential piece in luxury villas designed by architects Thomas Vielliard and Jacques Francheteau. If it first meets the need for optimal storage expected by lovers and collectors of great wines, it also becomes a real aesthetic jewel which enhances the interior of the house.

More than just a storage cellar, it is a true architectural work of art that combines functionality, aesthetics and passion for wine. It demonstrates the attention to detail and commitment to excellence that characterize the exceptional homes designed by the architectural firm Vielliard & Francheteau.

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The wine cellar: masterpiece of the contemporary villa by Vielliard et Francheteau architects

Our luxurious wine cellar creations meet the following requirements:

Customization and bespoke design: Each wine collection is unique, just like the tastes and preferences of the owners. Our interior designers design a cellar that specifically meets their needs, by designing tailor-made shelves, special displays for the rarest bottles, a layout that highlights their collection. 

A tasting area can also be integrated to offer a complete tasting experience in an intimate and elegant setting.

Innovative design: our designers make the wine cellar a true aesthetic gem, using high-end materials, precious woods, elegant glass walls, refined stones and rigorous finishes.


Advanced Control and Automation: Our creations can incorporate advanced control and automation systems to monitor and regulate cellar conditions remotely. This may include mobile applications for real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity, as well as alert systems for abnormal variations.

Security and confidentiality: Security is also a concern taken into account by architects to protect collections of rare and precious wines. This may include electronic locks, security cameras, alarms.


Expertise in wine conservation: if our interior designers know the fundamental principles of wine conservation, the firm validates with an expert the wine cellar project designed, to guarantee optimal storage conditions for precious wines, in particular temperature, humidity, light.


The luxury private wine cellar is part of the spectacular “Luxury Living Concepts” spaces created by architects Vielliard & Francheteau. A French Art of Living dedicated to aesthetes and passionate personalities which also includes:


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